International Sports Day

International Sports Day by The V.O.I.C.E. NL



Time & Date : To be shared soon.

Venue : To be shared soon.

Program Highlights:

  • Multi-Sport Tournament: Host a multi-sport tournament that includes a variety of games such as badminton, cricket, chess, and more, catering to participants with diverse interests and skill levels.
  • Friendly Competitions: Organize friendly competitions and matches in each sport category, providing participants with the opportunity to showcase their skills, compete against peers, and foster a spirit of sportsmanship and camaraderie.
  • Skills Clinics and Workshops: Offer skills clinics and workshops conducted by experienced coaches and players in each sport, providing participants with valuable training, tips, and techniques to improve their game performance.
  • Mixed Doubles and Team Events: Include mixed doubles and team events in sports like badminton and cricket, promoting teamwork, collaboration, and communication among participants from different backgrounds and cultures.
  • Chess Tournaments and Strategy Sessions: Host chess tournaments and strategy sessions led by chess masters, offering participants the chance to enhance their strategic thinking, problem-solving, and analytical skills in a competitive yet supportive environment.
  • Youth Development Programs: Introduce youth development programs aimed at nurturing young talent and promoting sports participation among children and teenagers, with a focus on skill development, character building, and healthy competition.
  • Inclusive Activities: Ensure inclusivity by offering adaptive sports and activities that accommodate participants with disabilities, creating a welcoming and accessible environment for everyone to enjoy sports and physical activities together.
  • Family-Friendly Events: Organize family-friendly events and activities such as relay races, mini-games, and fitness challenges, encouraging families to participate together and promoting a culture of active living and well-being.

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