Date : 22-Sep-2024

Location : Podium Noord, Den Haag, The Netherlands

About Us

As the name says, The Vision of International Cultural Exchange, main purpose of our organisation is to make the international cultural exchange happen in the Netherlands.

To make this happen we are providing an international platform where people from all the nationalities will be able to share their culture, cultural values through cultural performances, music concerts, food festivals, sports competitions like chess, intellectual forums where motivational speakers from all over the world will help build a healthy and happy society in the Netherlands.

We aim to:
– Collaborate
– Connect
– Share values
– Cultural exchange
– Contribute actively in making Dutch society more prosperous.

Our Team

Shivam Joshi


Saurabh Sharma

Executive Board Member
Social Media Manager, Events Lead

Parth Upadhay


Aditya Wankhade

Creative Lead

Rucha Naik


Rajendra Rade

Executive Board Member
Financial Advisor

Priyanka Bhide

Executive Board Member

Shivani Trifaley

PR Manager

Anshika Singh Bais

PR Manager

Shivngi Shukla

PR Manager

Dr. Manasi Sagdeo Mohril

PR Manager

Events & Photos

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